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Our Adult Learning Programmes will help adults get ahead, through proper use of the English language!
Free Assessments by our Professional Coaches are provided before a programme is recommended.

Learn proper pronunciation!
Learn the proper ways to pronounce everyday words we take for granted!

Learn the Art of Positive Communication! 
Create positive feelings in a conversation and leave a long-lasting positive impression. 

Learn to speak informally!
English used in everyday conversations aren’t the same that you learn in textbooks. Learn how to fluently speak to your peers, colleagues and superiors casually. 

English for Academic Purposes!
Learn to use the appropriate academic language and words for higher education.

Adult English Pronunciation Mastery Programme

The IMPACS Adult English Pronunciation Mastery Programme is our Flagship programme! It contains a module that will help you master English pronunciation, and proficiency!

Programme itinerary covers:

  • Strategies to Proper Pronunciation
  • Physical Features of Pronunciation
  • Vowels in Pronunciation
  • Consonants in Pronunciation
  • Common Mispronunciations
  • Silent Letter Pronunciations
  • Utilizing the Phonetic Symbols

Pronunciation contributes to the perceived competence of the speaker! So learn to speak more naturally, and confidently with our Adult English Pronunciation Mastery Programme!

Positive Communication Programme

The Impacs Positive Communication Programme contains a module that will enable you to convey any message into a positive one! Being an effective communicator is having the ability to communicate positively. 

Programme itinerary covers:

  • Understanding Needs and Communication
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Positive Words
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiation Skills

Perfect for individuals who wish to take their communication to a higher level. 
Sharpen your positive communication skills to elicit long-lasting positive responses and actions from
anyone, with our Positive Communication Programme!

Conversational English Programme

The IMPACS Conversational English Programme contains a module which will guide you to speak confidently in informal settings, and daily life. Having conversations is really important in everyday life, so, understanding how to hold a conversation and be confident while speaking.  

Programme itinerary covers:

  • Basic Grammar
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Body Language
  • Basics of Technical Presentation
If you’ve ever been at a networking event, and felt hesitant, unconfident and uneasy speaking, this programme is suitable for you.

Feel more at ease, and build confidence in your speaking with our Conversational English Programme!

Academic English Programme

The IMPACS Academic English Programme contains a module of relatively formal and complex English used to convey ideas in a precise and objective manner. Includes essential academic vocabulary, phrases and grammatical complexity used in traditional academic dialogue and text, which are not commonly used in informal conversations and conversations. 

Programme Itinerary covers:

  • Academic Reading
  • Academic Writing
  • Academic Speaking
  • Listening 
  • Academic Terms
  • Critical Thinking
  • Vocabulary Building

If you’re taking your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD, this programme will help in assisting you. By developing the skills you need to be fluent and accurate in your academic journey, with our Academic English Programme!

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